Sunday, November 23, 2014

Shalom!   Welcome to
Ben David Messianic Jewish Congregation!

Meeting Address:
651 W Sunflower Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92707

Shabbat Service:
Saturday at 10:30am


    We are Jewish and Gentile believers in Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, who recognize and value the Jewish origins of the faith and desire to study, worship, and present Him to the world in the Jewish context in which He came. Read More

    That the Tanakh is an accurate and reliable record of the origins of all life and of God’s on-going involvement with His creation; that the B'rit Chadashah is an account pertaining to Yeshua and His disciples representing the final revelation to man. Read More

    We gather together weekly on Shabbat mornings for Hebraic worship, Biblical teaching from a Jewish perspective, Davidic dance, and caring fellowship. All are welcome! Read More

    "These are the appointed times of the LORD, holy convocations which you shall proclaim at the times appointed for them." Read More

    We had the privilege to have Holocaust survivors come to Ben David and give their testimony. Please listen to their voices. Read More

    Read some of the testimonials of our Jewish members. Read More
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Upcoming Events

  • Dec 1 - Guest Speaker Sally Shiff >

    Please join us in welcoming Sally Shiff, from Kehilat Hamaayan, Israel, who will be sharing on the subject of: "God's Perspective on the Middle East; What's Happening Now; What is Going to Happen," Monday evening at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary.
  • Dec 13 - Guest Speaker Olivier Melnick >

    Olivier was born in Paris, France from a secular Jewish family, survivors of the Holocaust. Came to the U.S. in his twenties and shortly after became a believer. Worked as a volunteer for an evangelical organization that takes the Gospel of Yeshua to the Jewish people, graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a degree in Jewish Studies, and currently works with Chosen People Ministries.

    Join us welcoming Olivier at our morning service. His sermon topic: Update on Antisemitism.

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Hanukkah Lighting Ceremony and Celebration


Mark your Calendars!

Hanukkah Celebration Saturday, December 20, at 4:00pm, at the Congregation.

Outdoor lighting ceremony, Oneg, children's games, sufganiyot, and much more.

Join us!

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Stay informed with what is happening in the world:

— Neo-Nazi Party’s Request Sends Chills Through Germany’s Jewish Community

newsA neo-Nazi party in Germany has reportedly asked for a list of Jews living in the city of Dortmund, a development that is causing concern among Jews in the area who remember efforts under Adolf Hitler to identify which citizens were Jewish prior to implementing his extermination plan.... Read More

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Israeli Court Recognizes Messianic Jewish Congregation ... Read More

- Come pray with us! We meet every Shabbat morning from 9 to 10 am in the West Wing Conference Room. See you there .... Read More

- Pray for Israel. "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: 'May they prosper who love you.'" Read More. For more information e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Weekly Scripture Reading

For Shabbat
November 22 / Cheshvan 29, 5775

Parashah: Toldot — “Generations”

— Torah:
Genesis 25:19 – 28:9

— Haftarah:
Malachi 1:1 — 2:7

If you’ve heard and come to believe that “Jacob was a deceiver,” YOU’VE been deceived. A careful reading of the Parshah proves just the opposite...

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